Handmade One of A Kind Clothing and Accessories


Britten Landstrom

As a fine artist creates on canvas, Britten Landstrom expresses her unique artistry through her creations with textiles. Born on the serene waterfront of the city of Skelleftea in northern Sweden, she was raised within the architecturally exquisite islands that comprise the city of Stockholm. Among her early childhood memories she can recall being inspired by her mothers fashion magazines and making beautiful clothes for her paper dolls. In KanDe, which means "can do," she creates by using natural fabrics such as cotton and silk and accenting them with vintage kimono fabrics or other ethnic prints. As diverse as they may be from one another, each garment has a striking and undeniable feeling that is exclusively KanDe. Lines, symmetry, fluidity and functionality come together to create her signature pieces. The earth tones and muted shades of her Swedish roots now take a backdrop to the emerging strokes of vibrant colors that rise within her line. Colors that have been largely influenced by her deep journeys within Europe into China, Tibet and Thailand. Britten launched KanDe with her own boutique in Stockholm in 1989 and her garments gained a following in the creative community there. She moved to Southern California in 1995. After selling her one of a kind pieces in various local boutiques, she developed a wholesale line in 1997 represented by the Miriana Ojeda showroom in Los Angeles. Between 2003-2007 she was in-house designer at Harari, Los Angeles. Her collections have sold to boutiques and department stores throughout the USA including Nordstrom Gallery and Nieman Marcus. Her most recent designs are focused on exclusivity. Her line is a compilation of unique creations that are deeply rooted in her Scandinavian minimalism but take a journey, as she has, into the warmth of the world of flair.